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Sensitive skin

Because it’s our body’s largest sensory organ, whether we have sensitive skin or not, we’re built to react to stimuli in our tactile environment. People who have sensitive skin react more, and are more sensitive. This skin is fine-textured and distended capillaries are visible on cheeks and forehead. The skin is sensitive to some cosmetic and environmental stresses. Due to cold and wind, the skin can blotch, become flushed or red easily. It requires sensitive care and needs to be treated gently. Sensitive skin products usually contain specific ingredient types to reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction and to provide the best possible moisturising benefits. It is best to avoid products that are thick and heavy. Mild and gentle products, such as a cleanser, sunscreens with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and a moisturiser, which areĀ fragrance freeĀ helps restore the hydration balance of your skin.

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