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Rosacea treatment


The beautiful soft pink glow of a blush is what every woman would like to preserve on her cheeks. On the other hand, blotchy red spots and irregular patches of irritable skin are things that no one wants. Rosacea is a common condition, and in medical terms it is also called cuperosis. Blood vessels dilate and open up, showing redness through the skin surface, especially at the sides of the nose, on the cheeks, chin, and forehead. This can develop into bumpy, sometimes pus-filled spots, and be extremely painful, similar to adult acne. The nose can also become runny and swollen, a condition called rhinophyma.


The HL Professional skincare cosmeceuticals brand offers a comprehensive programme specially designed for effective synergy between the in-salon treatment and home care solutions to rosacea, allowing skincare professionals to target the cause of the problem.


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