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Whitening treatment for hyperpigmentation


While some level of sun exposure undoubtedly has great health benefits, excessive indulgence in the sun’s rays can result in hyper-pigmentation, deeper looking wrinkles and prematurely aged skin. HL professional skincare innovative products offer effective treatment for pigmentation problems.


HL offers a comprehensive range, specially designed for effective synergy between the in-salon treatments and ongoing home solutions for hyper-pigmentation caused by sun, pregnancy or post-acne damage.  The WHITENING, ALPHA BETA WITH RETINOL, C THE SUCCESS home range can treat melanin and prevent it from reoccurring. In reality, rejuvenation of skin with hyper-pigmentation blemishes is extremely slow. Our comprehensive way allows to treat the roots of hyper-pigmentation problem.


  • Reduction in pigmentation
  • Revitalised skin with natural glow
  • Reverses ageing effects and wrinkles
  • Reverses oxidation


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