I am struggling to find the words to describe how incredible you have made me feel; to express my gratitude for the miracle you have performed on me. Without a shadow of a doubt your extraordinary skill as a cosmetologist and the amazing Holy Land products that you have used on me has made a difference to my entire face, which has had the most wonderful affect on my whole life. I have suffered with large open pores since as far back as I can remember, and in recent years I have had heavy wrinkles and sagging around my eyes. Thanks to your expert skill and knowledge, and in only a matter of a very short time I know look younger and feel better than I have in years. I receive compliments almost every day from friends, colleagues and sometimes even strangers for my youthful looking skin. As you know I am 45 years old. However, colleagues have recently asked my age, several of them guessing my age as 35/36. I am feeling confident like never before. For the first time in years I feel I can go shopping without any make-up, as my skin looks positively radiant and perfectly clear. My sagging eyelids have greatly reduced and the wrinkles around my eyes have almost disappeared. How can I ever thank you for making me feel ‘alive’, and ‘beautiful’. From the bottom of my heart may I send you a most sincere thank you for making such a significant difference to my life. A life that has changed for the better since I have been guided and supported by you in relation to using the correct products, Holy Land products and for your patience and guidance in relation to the correct treatments for my skin. I am truly blessed to have found you. I have recommended your products and professional services to many colleagues and friends who no doubt will be in touch soon, if they haven’t already.