I have been doing cosmetic procedures for quite a few years, including Dermal fillers and Botox. As those procedures are performed on face, I was very nervous. However, my friend recommended Dr. Natalya Quandt and said that she is extremely experienced and knowledgeable derma cosmetologist. When I met Natalya for the initial consultation, straight away she explained everything about the procedures i wanted to have done in lot of detail, she examined my face and advised what can also be done in near future to prevent the ageing process for as long as possible. I decided to have Botox and Dermal fillers done straight after the consultation with Dr Quandt, Natalya made me feel very comfortable and I then felt that I could completely trust her with my face. Well, I was not wrong one bit, the result was 100% better than I was expecting. I realised that previously my treatments (the same ones) were performed not so perfectly as they could. I will definitely come back again and again as Natalya is truly amazing (as a person and as professional ).thank you for my looks and my confidence Dr Quandt.