I met Dr. Natalya at a beauty salon where I was having laser therapy for my acne. The lasers weren’t working, or only a little, and I was spending hundreds of pounds. Initially my mother went to see Natalya because my mum had dark blemishes on her face. Natalya managed to completely remove these marks despite us being told by previous therapists that there was nothing that could be done. My mother then recommended Natalya to me, and I began seeing her regularly. She uses Holyland cosmetics and natural skin peels to rejuvenate my skin, these cost much less than the lasers! I see her about once a month for her to clean and peel my skin and I use the Holyland products at home. Now my skin is gradually improving. Whenever I look at photographs from a year or less ago I am amazed at the difference in my skin, before my face was permanently red where it was so inflamed, now I look white, because my skin is calm and healthy.